Bonus Setting and Winning

A single time of winning bonus for "Selet Ten Win Ten" will be limited to 5 million Krones at the maximum. The excess portion will be counted to the next period of the Pond for " Selet Ten Win Ten ".

The prize levels offered by the Danske Lotto Saturday game and the odds of winning at each level are as follows:

Game Play Bonus Winning rate
Select Ten Win 10 Maximum at 5 Mil-lion Krs about 1:8910000 thousand
Select Ten Win 9 250000kr 1:3261098
Select Ten Win 8 100000kr 1:2306547
Select Ten Win 7 40000kr 1:40979
Select Ten Win 6 3000kr 1:7753
Select Ten Win 5 1250kr 1:1551
Select Ten Win 4 200kr 1:326
Select Ten Win 3 150kr 1:72
Select Ten Win 2 100kr 1:17
Select Ten Win 1 20kr 1:4

Also, don't forget that if you are lucky enough to match all seven of your numbers and the Trump Card in the Saturday Lotto game, you will win the main jackpot and a Trump Card jackpot as well.